About us

2020 lockdown

Storytelling cancelled …

… tellers turning to the internet

… meeting each other

… discovering like-minded storytellers determined to explore new ways of following our ancient art.

And so the European Storytellers Collective was born.

European Storytellers Collective was created with the support of the Federation for European Storytelling

Our team

John has been telling traditional stories for over 25 years, starting with the wonderful myths and legends of Wales.

Since moving to Germany in 2007 he has enjoyed the challenge of telling in a second language too.

In the exceptional year 2020 he was a prime mover behind the two digital storytelling projects “Lange Nacht der Geschichten” in Germany and the Storyflix 7×7 Stories project.

Aurora Piaggesi is an Italian storyteller, author and creative producer.

She writes, produces and performs live Storytelling shows as well as content for digital media, cinema and television.

Her brand “From Stories to Creative Projects” revolves around researching and applying the elements of narrative in education, healthcare and many other aspects of life.

Richard has been telling professionally for over 30 years, not only throughout Europe but around the world.

The more than 300 stories in his repertoire are folk tales which reflect the full range of human experience: the comic, the bawdy, the profound, the divine.

His website has an extensive video gallery of tales to enjoy – and all for free.

Our mission

European Storytellers Collective

ESC is an international network for storytellers operating through digital audiovisual media.

It’s main goal is to engage in international projects revolving around storytelling and digital audiovisual media.

It promotes the activities of its members and encourages their cooperation and interaction within the projects it develops.

Thanks to the contributions from its members it creates free online content on the Storyflix website and sells extra teaching and studying materials. The profit from the selling of this extra content goes directly to the creators of the content.

ESC members benefit from joining the association by accessing grants and funds for projects which respect the core business of the association and have received formal approval from the board.

ESC guarantees its audience a regular update of its online catalogue of content and live online initiative through the year. Its members have premium access to the initiatives.